It is the same car that had all of the Socs that jumped him earlier. In Ponyboy's fantasy, where would there be "plain, ordinary people"? The country. What does Johnny do to protect Ponyboy? Johnny kills Bob. What special item does Johnny buy for Ponyboy when he buys supplies? A copy of Gone with the Wind. Ponyboy 'Pony' Michelle Curtis has a pretty good life. she has good friends, a good family, and an amazing boyfriend. so yeah everything is great until she gets a letter in the mail. now she has to decide, does she want to stay in Tulsa with her family and friends, or does she want to go to a boarding school in England where her mom went and. Quotes From 'The Outsiders' Novel. Here's some of the best quotes from the renowned novel by S.E. Hinton including some of the best 'The Outsiders' Dally quotes and from other characters. 1. "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold." - Johnny Cade, 'The Outsiders'. 2. "Did you ever hear of having more than you wanted?.

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